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Welcome to the Bentley License Client user feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

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Allow a customer the option to renew without automatically charging their card for something they didn't authorize!!!!

No description provided
George White about 1 year ago in  0

EPS365 Entitlement Groups for user license management

With our migration from SELECT to EPS365 the agency is switched to "GLOBAL" Entitlements and all products are available to all users. This is bad. We need to regulate which users get which licenses. Under SELECT - we could DENY access to every app...
Gregory Hruby about 1 year ago in  0

Make the Connect Client an App

I've been fairly impressed with how the Connect Client has progressed and improved over the last 9 months, but looking forward to Windows10 and the future I think it needs to become an App not a client. As an app windows phones, win10 pcs, android...
Guest over 3 years ago in  0

Visualizacion de metadata en Synchro Control cuando se trabaja de manera local.

Cuando uno trabaja de manera local, es decir con archivos Sp, sin alojar el modelo en los documentos de Synchro Control, y crea el Imodel a partir de este archivo Sp. No se visualiza la metadata, lo que es un grave problema para gestión de la info...
Marcelo Van der meer 10 months ago in  0

a drone simulation game

drone game that you could learn historic preservation via capturing existing conditions with the drone.
Stacey Boldt 5 months ago in  0

Create a way so you can assign a quantity of a license to different entitlement groups

Useful in situations where the same license (eg Maxsurf Ultimate) is shared across 2 separate sites and the administrator wants to limit access to each group. (eg 1 license assigned to 1 group, 2 licenses assigned to the other). Reducing further t...
Alvaro Miziara 6 months ago in  0

Disable autostart of CONNECTION

Add a setting to disable the autostart function of the CONNECTION client upon startup/sign in. For infrequent Bentley software users, this is an annoying and frequent problem. Currently the only option is to make registry edits and is not within m...
Kyle Corbeil over 1 year ago in  0

Enabling "Entitlement" verification for M1 cpu Mac users using third-party application to run Windows OS applications

I am using an application called "Parallels" which allows MAC users to use windows application without "bootcamping" the macbook. After installing the RAM software and CONNECTION client, the software runs but I am getting the "no entitlement" noti...
Yisak Kim over 1 year ago in  0

In Checkout tab, present previously entitled products first in the list of available products to check out

Since the products I've used before are most likely the ones I want to check out, I'd like to have my current entitlements listed first in the Checkout tab.
Daniel Bishop over 3 years ago in  0

Change "License Overage Warning" to "License REQUEST" from Admins

Current Standard:License alert notification system is setup that ALL users have unrestricted access to licensing. If there are no licenses available, an alert pops up saying they may incur term license usage. If the user elects a term license, the...
Ebiji Akah 8 months ago in  0