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Welcome to the Bentley License Client user feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

You have 3 options for providing feedback:

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  3. ADD a new idea. You can always submit a new idea if no existing one describes your suggestion.

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Offline Users

Disable Connection Client from trying to connect when using a Checked Out license.
Michael Kikinzon 5 months ago in  0

Be able to integrate other Bentley installers in deployment image

Return of the capability of integrating other Bentley installers in the deployment image (this capability was there at one time), with commandline parameters.
Will Rohman 5 months ago in  0

License delay before another user can open the license

When we have users working remotely they remote into a machine in the office. If a user has just closed AutoPIPE we have had instances where a remote user has opened within the few minutes that Bentley suggest waiting. The remote user is unaware t...
Angela Stewart 6 months ago in  0

License Usage/Cost Against Project Number

To Back Charge the cost against each project within the Organization. I hope we can capture the project name alert through Connection Client. Can you please check
Purushothaman Sivaraman 9 months ago in  0

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loyala zen 10 months ago in  1

Need a way to license MicroStation CONNECT to the machine

When MicroStation CONNECT is run under a Windows service, there is no way to log into the CONNECTION Client. There needs to be a way to either license MicroStation CONNECT to the machine similar to the way previous versions behave or a way to impo...
Guest over 1 year ago in  1 Already exists

Update Eurocode Load Combination Generator in STAAD.Pro to remove duplicate values

Update Load Combination generator to check for duplicate load combinations and remove duplicated values. Duplicate values considerably increase analysis run time!
Richard Tully 6 months ago in  1