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Welcome to the Bentley License Client user feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

You have 3 options for providing feedback:

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  2. COMMENT on an existing idea. We want to hear your unique point of view.

  3. ADD a new idea. You can always submit a new idea if no existing one describes your suggestion.

When you add, vote or comment on an idea you will also be subscribed to that idea and receive status updates. Please note we may merge or rename ideas for better clarity for the community. Thank you for your support and feedback.


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Connection Client NOT rely solely on Bentley side of things

If there is a malfunction on the not-client side of things, then Connection Client won't verify the ID of the users and hence will not allow acces to Microstation and other products. So if there's a failure on the Bentley side, or at the ISP, or T...
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

Free EasyPower Viewer program

Requesting a Free EasyPower Viewer program, that you can use to open the native files to look at the data input for the simulation, but can't run any programs or make any edits. This would be nice when you just need to check the file but are not p...
Zachary Sam about 1 month ago in  0

Need a means to permanently disable flexible licenses ASAP

We don't need flexible licenses and want be able to permanently disable these so we can't generate any overusage. We need this ASAP. Now you can force your users to willingly accept a payment for overusage by disabling offline usage. But at the sa...
Guest over 1 year ago in  3

Prevent license overuse as an option

We are a small office and have had issues with unintended overuse of our licenses 2 or 3 times. The option should be created to prevent unintended overuse. If all Microstation licenses are used, it should no longer be possible to open Microstation...
Andreas Eger over 1 year ago in  1

Connection client auto log-out

If none of the Bentley softwares are in use, Connection client automatically logs out the signed in user after a predefined time
Máté Szabó almost 2 years ago in  1

Setting fix number of licenses per groups within an organization

We have some organizations (same Ultimate ID, same SiteID) that have the following method of working: For instance, the organization owns 10 EMME Licences. They would like to reserve a set of licenses for different group of users. For example: - g...
Michel Lebel over 1 year ago in  1

Autopipe Nozzle Disappeared when I upgraded my Autopipe to 12.8 Version. Can anyone let me know What's the reason?

No description provided
Russell Wang 3 months ago in  0

Internet links are not working

Hi guys, You developed nice software, but unfortunately when I typed in the internet for any questions or issues that I had. All links are redirecting to the "Bentley systems service" which is not useful because is not connected to the original li...
Jefersson Rojas Corredor 3 months ago in  0

Connection Client must always be connected?

Our organization switched all products to Connect Edition. All users must now connect via Connection Client (CC). The feedback from users is disastrous. There is no understanding that the CC must always be connected. There is no Internet on end de...
Matthias Stahl 9 months ago in  0

OpenGround Machine Use Reporting

We need the Machine Use Reporting detail for the OpenGround apps that are used in conjunction with the Launcher on our users desktops. In the same way we see usage and costs allocated for our E365 consumption this same detail or more should be vis...
Neil Ford about 2 years ago in  0