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Welcome to the Bentley License Client user feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

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Change "License Overage Warning" to "License REQUEST" from Admins

Current Standard:License alert notification system is setup that ALL users have unrestricted access to licensing. If there are no licenses available, an alert pops up saying they may incur term license usage. If the user elects a term license, the...
Ebiji Akah 13 days ago in  0

Connection Client must always be connected?

Our organization switched all products to Connect Edition. All users must now connect via Connection Client (CC). The feedback from users is disastrous. There is no understanding that the CC must always be connected. There is no Internet on end de...
Matthias Stahl about 1 month ago in  0

Visualizacion de metadata en Synchro Control cuando se trabaja de manera local.

Cuando uno trabaja de manera local, es decir con archivos Sp, sin alojar el modelo en los documentos de Synchro Control, y crea el Imodel a partir de este archivo Sp. No se visualiza la metadata, lo que es un grave problema para gestión de la info...
Marcelo Van der meer 2 months ago in  0


cross the digital world e commerce

Allow a customer the option to renew without automatically charging their card for something they didn't authorize!!!!

No description provided
George White 7 months ago in  0

EPS365 Entitlement Groups for user license management

With our migration from SELECT to EPS365 the agency is switched to "GLOBAL" Entitlements and all products are available to all users. This is bad. We need to regulate which users get which licenses. Under SELECT - we could DENY access to every app...
Gregory Hruby 7 months ago in  0

Setting fix number of licenses per groups within an organization

We have some organizations (same Ultimate ID, same SiteID) that have the following method of working: For instance, the organization owns 10 EMME Licences. They would like to reserve a set of licenses for different group of users. For example: - g...
Michel Lebel 8 months ago in  1

Need a means to permanently disable flexible licenses ASAP

We don't need flexible licenses and want be able to permanently disable these so we can't generate any overusage. We need this ASAP. Now you can force your users to willingly accept a payment for overusage by disabling offline usage. But at the sa...
Guest 8 months ago in  2

Connection Client NOT rely solely on Bentley side of things

If there is a malfunction on the not-client side of things, then Connection Client won't verify the ID of the users and hence will not allow acces to Microstation and other products. So if there's a failure on the Bentley side, or at the ISP, or T...
Guest 8 months ago in  1

there is some lince error

no option for download
siddarth sharma 9 months ago in  0